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romance books, romance novels

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Rose D. Franklyn

Copyright 2016 by Rose D. Franklyn. All rights reseved.


I was born in Schweidnitz, Silesia (south-east Germany, now part of Poland), in my paternal grandparents’ apartment building. It was a lovely building, so I’ve been told, with a majestic central staircase leading all the way to the top floor and the roof, where the family would spend leisure time and from where they would enjoy a view of the town and the splendid Sudeten Mountains.

Six months later, for safety reasons due to World War II, my mother returned to her maternal home in Bremerhaven (north-west Germany) where I grew up, until I moved to the Isle of Mallorca.

Five years later, the year of Expo67 in Montreal, I moved to Canada. After living for two years in Durham, North Carolina, I returned to Canada and settled in Ottawa where I founded the New Edinburgh Players, a fundraising community theatre.  Thirty-three years later, having produced 53 plays, I retired as the group’s artistic director and occasional actor and am now having the time of my life writing sizzling and entertaining romance novels set in a theatre environment. When I'm not writing, I paint decorative watercolours, spend time in Paris, drink too much tea, indulge in sushi and the occasional glass of red wine. 

I’m a mother of two, a grandmother of two and confess to having a never-ending love affair with my family, books, the arts, shoes and earrings, in that order.